If your basement has flooded, you may be looking at thousands of dollars worth of water damage — and that’s not even including replacing the belongings the water may have ruined. What’s more, you could have prevented your basement from flooding. The process to waterproof a basement is relatively simple, but it requires you to take the first step and call a local waterproofing company. In this article, the Accurate Builders of the Chesapeake want to share what type of damage water can do to your home and your belongings the longer you wait to have it cleaned up.

Water Damage By The Minute

Your basement is currently flooding. Water is rushing in from a broken window or through the wall due to a burst pipe. As you carefully step from the bottom stair, you begin to take a mental note of all the belongings you need to get off the floor, if not out of the basement. After only minutes of flooding, your home and belongings will being to show the following signs of damage:

  • As water contamination spreads, drywall, water-absorbent furniture, and water-sensitive belongings will begin to soak up the liquid.
  • Moisture sensitive furniture, paper, and other items will begin to change colors, most likely to a shade of white.
  • Furniture dye will begin to leach onto the saturated carpet, staining it.

Water Damage By The Hour

You do your best to remove your belongings from the basement, but it’s taking too long. It’s been a few hours. There is a more than a few inches of water in your basement. You haven’t called a water remediation company yet, but you have gotten the water shut off. Here’s how your home and furniture are affected after a few hours exposed to water:

  • Furniture in direct contact with the water will begin to swell, causing irreparable damage.
  • Odors and aromas are amplified due to the increased moisture and humidity, which cause your basement to smell much worse than it did before.
  • Non-colorfast fabrics begin to bleed due to saturation, staining most of anything it touches.

Water Damage By The Day

You’ve abandoned hope and left your basement with the inches of water. In fact, it’s been a few days, and you’ve tried removing the water yourself with little success. There is still a few inches of water in the basement, and the items you could not save within the first few hours have been deemed victims of the flood. Here’s water damage affects your home and belongings after a few days:

  • Fungi spores begin to appear, creating a musty odor throughout the flooded area.
  • Wood or other water-sensitive materials begin to warp and slough.
  • Paint, drywall, and adhesives begin to chip, peel, and fall away from its original position.

Water Damage By The Week

You’ve finally scheduled a water remediation company to come help remove the water from your home and address any potential spores spawning mold within your basement walls. What’s more, you’ve not removed your belongings due to their weight. Here’s how water damage affects your home and belongings after a week or more:

  • Mold begins to spawn due to existing moisture from the water-saturated walls, floors, furniture, and more.
  • You and your loved ones may need to be evacuated due to health concerns surrounding potential mold.
  • Your entire basement may need to be “gutted” to remove all moisture and mold, which could cost you thousands.

Don’t wait to resolve a flooded basement on your own. Get it cleaned up as soon as possible. Then, give Accurate Builders of the Chesapeake a call to waterproof your basement from future floods.