It can be disheartening to find water damage in your basement. The cost to repair it can be a hit to the budget, but if you don’t fix it the damage could ruin your home entirely. At Accurate Builders of the Chesapeake, we understand the frustration. Living on the east coast means we all get to enjoy the pros and cons of the bay. Nonetheless, a proactive approach will help you protect your home and keep within your home maintenance budget when you decide to waterproof your basement.

The Eight Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing Services

What Do You Smell?

Your basement shouldn’t smell different than the rest of your house. If you go down into your basement, and you discover a musty, moldy odor, you may need to repair water damage and waterproof your basement. Moisture tends to cause a damp odor, which means you could be facing water damage.

Also, if you’re in your yard and catch a whiff of sewage, your basement may be at risk. Septic tanks can leak into a basement if not maintained properly.

What Do You See In Your Basement?

Do you have floor or wall stains in your basement? If someone accidentally spilled something, it makes sense to have a stain; however, if you find a stain and don’t know where it came from, you may be dealing with water or sewage leaking into your basement.

When you look at the concrete in your basement, do you see sparkles glimmering when the light hits the floor or wall just right? This isn’t an additive or special feature of your basement concrete. This is a sign of moisture or condensation. After water evaporates, it leaves behind minerals. These minerals reflecting light are the sparkles you see.

Have you noticed rust anywhere? When you leave a nail in a puddle of water, it quickly oxidizes. Check any metal features in your basement, and if you find rust, it may be time to use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture and condensation.

What does the wood frame around your basement doors look like? Wood swells when it is introduced to water. The moisture seeps into the wood, causing it to expand. If any wood in your basement is misshapen or dilapidated, you may have a moisture problem.

Finally, bugs flock to moisture and condensation. If you’re frequently finding bugs in your basement, you may have a water problem.



What Do You See Outside Your Basement?

Frequent standing water or puddles around your home, whether in the yard or near your foundation, are threats to your basement’s integrity. Typically, basement water damage occurs from water that starts above ground and naturally finds its way into your basement.

The soil grade around your home may need to be adjusted. If it’s sloped towards your foundation, it can be flowing water towards your basement. This is a sign you’ll need soil remediation.

How Do You Feel?

It may seem odd to ask if you’ve been sick recently or feel fatigued, but a moist basement is an ideal environment for mold to grow. Mold can cause fatigue, headaches, light sensitivity, joint pain, sinus congestion, and more.

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