Have you taken a trip down to your basement to find moisture in the windows, a puddle in the corner, or an inch of water from wall-to-wall? The experience can be shocking! Especially if you had no idea your basement could accumulate water. You’re not alone, however. Ellicott City residents who have basements do find them to be great for collecting moisture and water. So how do they go about mitigating or stopping the water collection altogether?

At Accurate Builders of the Chesapeake, we offer basement waterproofing. Whether you want to waterproof the exterior, interior, or both of your basement, we can help. In this post, we’ll share three ways you can wet waterproof your basement. If you’re not ready to do this yourself, give us a call today! Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

Three Techniques To Wet Waterproof Your Basement

As the basement waterproofing experts in Glen Burnie, servicing Ellicott City, South Baltimore, and surrounding areas in Maryland, we diagnose each basement individually. We don’t use cookie-cutter techniques and tactics to resolve your wet basement problems. Our goal is to successfully waterproof your basement to fit your needs and exceed your expectations.

Technique #1 – Repair All Cracks

If you notice cracks, holes, or other odd deformations along your interior basement walls, you’ll want to get these repaired. Water can seep through your foundation and create moisture, a puddle, or fill your entire basement. When you repair foundation cracks, small or large, you deter water from getting inside.

Technique #2 – Install Interior Water Drain

In some cases, basements are going to be wet. The quality of your foundation, your home location, and the amount of rainfall you see each year could force you to simply install an interior water drain to divert any collected water out of your basement and away from your home. In most cases, you will want to install a sump pump to manage excessive water accumulation. If you have a wet basement, you’re going to be forced to manage water to avoid costly damage.

Technique #3 – Waterproof The Exterior Of Your Basement

Improperly sloped landscaping or excessive rainfall could result in water invading your basement over the top of your foundation wall. In most cases, this is at the mercy of a flood or torrential downpours, which doesn’t happen too often; it’s still a possibility you need to address for your wet basement. Nonetheless, repair any exterior foundation cracks, add a waterproofing membrane, and install an exterior water drain to mitigate water accumulation. You can also pour a higher foundation wall and slope your landscaping away from your home to redirect water.

Call The Wet Basement Waterproofing Experts Today!

It can be tough to feel safe in your home only to find out that water has been invading your basement. It’s best not to panic, but, instead, give Accurate Builders of the Chesapeake in Glen Burnie a call for your Ellicott City home. We specialize in basement waterproofing so you can keep your peace of mind. Don’t wait until the next rainstorm floods your basement. Contact us today!