1. How Long Does Water Damage Take To Ruin Your Home?

    If your basement has flooded, you may be looking at thousands of dollars worth of water damage — and that’s not even including replacing the belongings the water may have ruined. What’s more, you could have prevented your basement from flooding. The process to waterproof a basement is relative…Read More

  2. What Homeowners Ought To Know About A Flooded Basement

    You wake up to the sound of rushing water, but you live in the middle of Ellicott City. The nearest river is the Patapsco, and it’s not known for flooding. The largest bodies of water near to you are in Centennial Park and at Wilde Lake. As you stumble down the stairs, through your kitchen, and ov…Read More

  3. The Hidden Dangers Of A Flooded Basement

    If you find moisture in your basement, you're not that worried. If you notice a small puddle of water near your drain, you’re still not that worried. If your basement is flooded, it can feel like a complete disaster. How do you take care of a flooded basement? It’s simple, but it’s not easy. Y…Read More