1. Three Ways To Wet Waterproof Your Basement

    Have you taken a trip down to your basement to find moisture in the windows, a puddle in the corner, or an inch of water from wall-to-wall? The experience can be shocking! Especially if you had no idea your basement could accumulate water. You’re not alone, however. Ellicott City residents who hav…Read More

  2. How To Waterproof The Exterior Of Your Basement

    The worst feeling in the world is going down into your basement and finding an inch of water. At first, you’re surprised. Then you feel annoyed. Finally, you probably get a little frustrated that this could have happened—and to you! Didn’t the builders pour the foundation correctly? You’re n…Read More

  3. How To Waterproof Your Home Basement

    It’s common in the Chesapeake to see floods and rising groundwater into basements. That’s why the Accurate Builders of the Chesapeake specialize in basement waterproofing. Did you know that the average household can shed more than 2,000 gallons of water during a heavy rainstorm? Where does all t…Read More

  4. How To Choose The Best Sump Pump

    When’s the last time you thought about your sump pump? In most cases, homeowners don’t consider how their sump pump is performing until it fails during a torrential downpour and their basement floods. If your basement floods, the damage could be catastrophic, costing you quite a bit of money to …Read More

  5. How to Waterproof Your Business

    Do you have standing water in your basement? This isn’t the only sign you need basement waterproofing services for your home. Dampness, moisture, a musty odor, staining mildew, mold, condensation, peeling paint and more are signs that you need to address the water damage problems you have. Accurat…Read More

  6. 8 Signs You Should Waterproof Your Basement

    It can be disheartening to find water damage in your basement. The cost to repair it can be a hit to the budget, but if you don’t fix it the damage could ruin your home entirely. At Accurate Builders of the Chesapeake, we understand the frustration. Living on the east coast means we all get to enj…Read More