Did something in your home break? Not sure how to fix an interior door to keep it closed, locked, or functional? At Accurate Builders of the Chesapeake, we understand if you’re frustrated or somewhat lost in searching for a handyman online. We want to offer you some advice before you grab your phone and type in “handyman near me.” In this post, we share the eight steps to finding the best home repair for your project in Glen Burnie and beyond.

The Eight Steps to Find a Home Repair Contractor

Step #1: Check with friends and family in the area

It may be tempting to go straight to your phone and search “handyman nearest me,” but we would urge you to wait. Check with friends and family in your area about who they’ve used to deal with a home repair in the past. Did they like the handyman service? Would they use the same company again? Get this information before you go online to search.

Step #2: Check for references

You want to check at least two different places online for reviews: The Better Business Bureau and Google Business Reviews. You can simply type the companies name and “reviews” into Google’s search bar to get some quick information.

Step #3: Call the contractors and get quotes

This step accomplishes two goals. You are able to discuss your project with each handyman company, and get an estimate for the work you’re wanting them to complete. Not only do you want the best price, but you also want the service of professionals who know what they’re doing.

Step #4: Select the best bid and contractor

The lowest price isn’t always the best choice for your home repair project. Many people think pricing is the only metric in choosing a contractor. You want to choose a handyman you feel comfortable with, has a positive reputation, and offers a fair price for the work involved.

Step #5: Ask for references

Call the contractor you want to work with and ask for one-to-three references. You can call these references and ask a few general questions to get a better feel for the handyman services offered:

  • Did you like their service?
  • Would you hire them again?
  • Have you referred anyone to them since your project?

Step #6: Verify their license and insurance

Take the time to look up their contractor’s license and see if it’s valid, expired, or even exists. You want someone who’s certified and insured.

Step #7: Review the contract before signing

Make sure the terms and agreement are what you want. Be diligent in determining how the contractor is going ot treat you and your project. In some cases, you may want to take the contract to get legal advisement.

Step #8: Sign the contract and start the project

At this point, you’re ready to get started. Sign the contract and return it to the handyman.

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